Monday 2 January 2012

And where to now?

It feels like absolutely ages since i have been able to sun myself on foreign sands.  Any summer plans are on hold at the moment as i am still waiting to hear back from a number of jobs i have applied for.  Two jobs in Singapore, three in Malasia, one in Vietnam and still applying for whatever comes up.  Their School year starts at the beginning of August which just so happens to be pretty much when the school year here finishes!  So no official summer for me this year if things go to plan.

An opportunity to spend Easter in Australia with a friend had come up but i am struggling to justify the expense for just 2 weeks.  Less than 2 weeks if i were to include travel time.  Anyway, though the cogs are still turning over the land down under, i have decided on my plans for half term; finish off my Advance Diving in the red sea.  With advice from friends and the need to avoid Egypt at all costs right now, I am going to Jordan for the week.  The itinerary that i have put together is something along the lines of:

Day 1: Arrive -> Taxi to Madaba (Mariam Hotel)
Day 2: Dead sea and Mount Debu trip with hotel
Day 3: One way to Petra with hotel
Day 4: Petra to Aqaba by bus
Day 5: Aqaba diving
Day 6: Aqaba diving
Day 7: Aqaba to Madaba
Day 8: Flight home

Unfortunately i am yet to convince anyone to join me on this and it is not really a trip that i fancy doing on my own.  We'll see...  :o)