The Ride

So my ultimate goal is to eat every National Dish in the world but it would be stupid not to enjoy the ride along the way!  This is the bucket list in it's traditional form.  Certainly not a finite list as I am sure to add to it as life goes by.  Like most lists a lot of these items have been added after completion just so I can cross them off.

   Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
   See an orangutan in the Borneo Rainforest
   Celebrate Edinburgh’s Hogmanay
   See the great pyramids of Egypt
   Go surfing in Hawaii
   See the Taj Mahal in India
   Watch a New York Broadway show
   Swim with wild dolphins in New Zealand
   See the Northern Lights in Norway
   Visit the North Pole
   Trek Machu Picchu in Peru
   Swim with a whaleshark in the Philippines
   Visit the Colosseum in Rome (WoW)
   Catch the Trans-Syberian Express Through Russia
   Trek the Grand Canyon in USA (WoW)
   Ride the Kingda Ka in USA
   Road trip USA in a Mustang
   Chill out at UK’s Glastonbury Festival
   Attend the Popes mass in the Vatican City
   Blow a Grand in Vegas

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