Friday 27 August 2021

Is it the end of BernyEatsTheWorld?

February was the last time I managed to post something! February!?  I have been writing this blog for almost 12 years, with my first post written by a recently graduated and ready for the world 21 year old (and seemingly illiterate if you read that first post!).  This blogs soul purpose has always been to help me keep track of which National Dishes I have successfully ticked off.  The fact that people read it and I made enough money to buy myself a pint every now and then was just a nice bonus.  Of course it was not going to last forever, but when would be a good time to stop?!

Since leaving China, several events have brought me to this point in time.  A time where I haven't eaten a delicious aeroplane meal or smelt the sweet scent of mozzie repellent for over 2 years.  I have been busy though.  When we decided to come back to the UK we were absolutely adamant that it would not result in the end of our travels.  Covid-19, however, had other plans.  3 lockdowns later, a much more wonderful pause to our travels arrived in March in the form of our baby boy. 

What excites me now is to be able to share the world with him soon.  Had Covid not been such a pain I am sure he would have experienced his first plane ride by now but instead we have been staycationing it up.  I have no doubt that we will soon be back on our travels, but whether I will be writing like I used to is anybody's guess.  At the very least I will keep the national dishes checklist up-to-date.  At the very best I may write a couple of paragraphs and throw up a few pictures.  You never know, I could still be going for another 12 years.  Watch this space!