The National Dishes

My ambition and the entire purpose of this blog.  An obsession of mine that dictates my travels.  This is my ultimate checklist of all the National Dishes in the world.
   Afghanistan: Kabuli Palaw
   Albania: Tavë kosi
   Algeria: Couscous
   Angola: Moamba de galinha
   Antigua and Barbuda: Pepperpot, Fungee
   Argentina: Asado, Empanada
   Armenia: Harissa, Dolma, Khorovats
   Aruba: Keshi yena
   Austria: Wiener schnitzel, Tafelspitz
   Azerbaijan: Dolma
   Bahamas: Crack conch with peas and rice
   Bahrain: Machboos
   Bangladesh: Rice and Ilish fish, Bhuna
   Belarus: Draniki
   Bermuda: Bermuda fish chowder
   Bhutan: Ema datshi, Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa
   Bolivia: Salteñas
   Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian pot
   Brazil: Feijoada
   Brunei: Ambuyat
   Bulgaria: Banitsa, Bob chorba
   Cameroon: Ndolé
   Canada: Kraft Dinner, Poutine, Butter tarts
   Cape Verde: Cachupa
   Chile: Empanada, Pastel de choclo
   Macau: Minchee
   Colombia: Ajiaco, Bandeja paisa
   Costa Rica: Gallo pinto
   Croatia: Istrian stew
   Cuba: Ropa vieja, Moros y cristianos
   Cyprus: Fasolada
   Czech Republic: Vepřo knedlo zelo, Svíčková
   Democratic Republic of the Congo: Poulet à la Moambé
   Denmark: Stegt Flæsk, Bøfsandwich
   Greenland: Kiviak
   Dominica: Mountain chicken, Fish broth
   Dominican Republic: La Bandera, Sancocho
   Egypt: Ful medames, kushari, molokhia, falafel
   El Salvador: Pupusa
   Eritrea: Zigini with injera, Gored gored
   Estonia: Verivorst with Mulgikapsad
   Ethiopia: Wat with injera, Fit-fit
   France: Crêpe, Pot-au-feu, Macaron
   Gabon: Poulet Nyembwe
   Georgia: Khachapuri, khinkali
   Greece: Fasolada, Moussaka, Souvlaki
   Grenada: Oil Down
   Guatemala: Fiambre, Pepian
   Guyana: Pepperpot
   Haiti: Red beans and rice with pork
   Honduras: Baleada, Carne asada, Sopa de Caracol
   Hungary: Goulash, Lecsó
   Iran: Chelo kabab, Ghormeh sabzi
   Iraq: Samak masgouf, Kleicha
   Ireland: Colcannon, Irish stew
   Northern Ireland: Ulster fry
   Isle of Man: Skeddan jiarg
   Israel: Hummus, falafel, Meorav Yerushalmi
   Kazakhstan: Beshbarmak, Shalgam
   Kenya: Ugali, Sukuma wiki, Nyama choma
   Kuwait: Machboos
   Kyrgyzstan: Beshbarmak, Laghman, Kuurdak
   Lebanon: Kibbeh, tabbouleh
   Libya: Bazeen, Usban
   Lithuania: Cepelinai
   Luxembourg: Judd mat Gaardebounen, Bouneschlupp
  Macedonia: Tavče Gravče
   Madagascar: Romazava
   Malta: Pastizzi, Rabbit Stew
   Mauritania: Thieboudienne, Couscous
   Mexico: Chiles en nogada, Mole poblano
   Montenegro: Kačamak, Raštan
   Nicaragua: Gallo pinto, Churrasco
   Nigeria: Jollof rice
   Nepal: Dal bhat
   Netherlands: Stamppot, hutspot
   North Korea: Galbi
   Norway: Fårikål
   Pakistan: Biryani, Nihari
   Panama: Sancocho de gallina
   Palestine: Arab salad, Falafel, Musakhan, Hummus
   Paraguay: Sopa paraguaya
   Peru: Ceviche
   Poland: Bigos, Pierogi, Kotlet schabowy, Żurek
   Portugal: Bacalhau
   Puerto Rico: Arroz con gandules with Lechon, Mofongo
   Republic of the Congo: Poulet Moambé
   Romania: Mămăligă, Sarmale, Mici
   Russia: Pelmeni, Shchi, Kasha, Pirogi, Pirozhki
   San Marino: Torta Tre Monti
   Saudi Arabia: Kabsa
   Scotland: Haggis
   Senegal: Thieboudienne
   Serbia: Ćevapčići, Pljeskavica, Ražnjići, Proja, Kajmak
   Slovakia: Bryndzové halušky
   Slovenia: Ajdovi žganci, Belokranjska povitica, Obara
   South Africa: Bobotie
   Sudan: Ful medames
   Sweden: Köttbullar, Kräftskiva, Surströmming, Ostkaka
   Switzerland: Cervelat, Fondue, Rösti
   Syria: Kibbeh
   Tajikistan: O'sh
   Tanzania: Ugali
   Trinidad and Tobago: Callaloo, Doubles
   Tunisia: Couscous, Kabkabou
   Turkmenistan: Palaw
   Uganda: Matoke
   Ukraine: Borscht, Varenyky
   United States Virgin Islands: Fish and Fungi
   Uruguay: Asado, Chivito
   Uzbekistan: O'sh
   Vanuatu: Lap lap
   Venezuela: Pabellón criollo
   Wales: Cawl
   Yemen: Saltah
   Zambia: Nshima


  1. I'm doing something similar, although my plan is to cook the dishes myself. I'm currently making a list of dishes from around the world which is how I found your site. I was just wondering how you researched what the national dishes of each country is? What sources did you use? Even without sources your list is still greatly helpful, thanks!

    1. Hi. I love to cook too! My list was lifted straight from Wikipedia's list of National Dishes ( It is constantly changing and so my list will be a little out of date. Good luck with the cooking. I would love to hear how it all goes!

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