Saturday 11 May 2013

Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia planning

Finally i will be a proper back packer again.  5 weeks travelling across these three countries is my next big trip.  Our plan is a round route starting and finishing in Hanoi.  It seems do-able but its going to be pretty tight.  I have put together a bunch of things to do in each place and have researched a possible route to take.  This is how i plan my big trips, even though i know that the chances of actually following this route/itinerary is very slim.  Something always comes up to change the plans and they are usually better.  But i still like having a plan of some sort.  And creating them is possibly the best down time ever.  Vaccinations are looking to be expensive.  Heb A, Hep B and Japanese Encephalitis seem to be the big ones with Rabies being optional.  The grand total is about £300 and that's without a 5 week supply of Malaria tablets.  Once the jabs are out the way, Visas are the next pain in the arse to deal with.   It will be totally worth it; the food looks out of this world!