My World Recipes

Like most foodies, I am also a keen cook.  Eating incredible food from around the world and then failing to find anything close to it at home has encouraged me to collect recipes from my travels or obsess over perfecting the dish myself at home.  A lot of these recipes are from people that I have met; whether it's from the house maid in Indonesia or the cook from a roadside cafe in India - if you don't ask, you don't get! 

These are genuinely some of the best recipes I have ever tasted and have been tried, tested and adapted many times over before I settle on the final recipe.  Just like the main blog, the purpose of this page is really for me to keep track of my favourite recipes.  If you like them too then that's just a great bonus!

ChongQing Noodles
My favourite noodle dish from my time living in Beijing.  It has taken many many attempts to get this perfect but I love it so much!

Cumin Lamb Skewers

My Ultimate Half Vegie Half Meat Lasagne
I have always claimed to make the best lasagne and anybody that has tasted it completely agrees.

Sandeep's Best Onion Raita
Raita done properly can be eaten on its own!

Hotel RRR Lamb Biryani
A real Biryani is almost impossible to come by in the UK.  It is not simply rice mixed with curry like most restaurants serve it.  It is a long, long process but the outcome it stunning.

Real Goan Pork Vindaloo
The overriding taste of a good Vindaloo should most definitely be chilly, but, that does not equate to overbearing heat.  This would be my signature dish!

Jerk Marinade (coming soon).

I have found so many recipes for this that don't have the most important ingredient; The Scotch Bonnet.  Yes this chilli is hot but it is easily the most flavourful chilli out there and absolutely essential for real jerk.

Beef Rendang (Coming soon - Recipe Perfected. Just needs writing up)

Lamb Tagine (Coming soon)
Chicken Tagine (Coming soon)
Moroccan Bread (Coming soon).

Tagine and freshly baked bread is a match made in heaven.  Don't make the mistake of eating a tagine with couscous or rice!  Moroccan bread is easy and quite forgiving and essential for soaking up the intensely flavoured olive oil and sauce from a slow cooked tagine.

Natxo's Tortilla de Patata

LuRou Fan (卤肉饭)
It may not be the National Dish but easily my favourite dish eaten in Taipei.  Ultimate comfort food from the far east.

Satay Sauce (Coming soon)

Other favourites:
Alex's Simple Roasted Tomatoes
How are these so unbelievably tasty yet so simple?!

My own Ras Malai Ice Cream
Easily my favourite flavour in an ice cream and anyone that has tasted it agrees.