Saturday 9 June 2012


This is not a dead blog it has just been an excruciatingly long time since i have been able to go away.  A two week Easter break and a week half term has passed since my Jordan trip and neither involved anything exiting enough to write about.  Lack of funds and a relentless flow of school work has imprisoned me.  A fishing trip in Bristol and an activity weekend in Wales (School trip - photos below) has broken up the monotonous of life and i have a couple more school trips before the long summer break. 

There will be no major adventure this summer.  Plans of trecking Australia or road tripping America have fizzled away as i made a promise to my family that this year i will keep it free for a long awaited "family holiday".  From what i remember, these are always good fun so i am not too bothered that my back pack won't be coming out this year.  A villa in Sardinia is the plan so high quality seafood to write about if it all works out.

So thats one of my 6 weeks... A second trip inolves ticking an item off on my list which would never have been possible if i had a big adventure planned.  A couple of days in Barcelona followed by a week in Valencia with some friends from work will involve eating paella, drinking sangria and throwing tomatoes. La Tomatina!!  Flights are booked, villas are being looked at and the tomato festival... well i am yet to find a decent way of getting to Bunol and back.  Trains will be a last resort as there is no pre-booking and it seems to involve a lot of luck.  Will look into it some more soon.

Autumn half term brings more fun as it will be spent in New York New York! Tickets, hotels and tours have been booked already.  3 new countries in about 4 months makes me happy after such a long dry patch.  If possible i might try and get a camping trip in Ireland too and see the gaints causeway.  We'll see.  :o)

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