Friday 12 February 2016

7 Days in Jordan

You would be surprised about how much there is to do in Jordan.  So much so you will need to plan your trip well to fit it all in.  The highlights will have to be Petra and the Dead Sea.  Read about my trip in more detail here.  Private drivers and public buses are both easy and can be organised by your hotels.

Day 1: Fly into Madaba

A private driver for the day cost around £30 and will take you around all the attractions around Madaba.  This includes Mt Nebo, Bethany and the Dead Sea.  Expect to pay around £18 to access the dead sea.  Spend the evening in the city centre eating shawarma's and chilling with a shisha!

Day 2-4:  Petra

Take an early taxi (4 hours for around £50-£60) from Madaba to Petra.  A two day entrance ticket to Petra was around £50 in 2012 so expect to pay out a fair whack.  There's at least a good two days worth to explore.

Day 5: Diving in Aqaba

Another car to get here.  The red sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world and Egypt is where the tourists flock for it.  Jordan is much quieter and just as beautiful.  Great place to learn too.  I used a company called "Dive Aqaba".

Any remaining time:  Wadi Rum and travel home

We added this to our plans whilst visiting Aqaba.  People recommended it to us and it was amazing.  Easy to get to from Aqaba.  Camp in Wadi Rum desert for a truly unique experience. A bus back to Madaba is easily organised for your flight home.

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