Tuesday 5 January 2010


So for aaages I have been trying to find a way of storing all my travels, plans and ambitions.  A way of keeping track of where iv been what iv done.  I concidered treating myself to an external hard drive to put all my holiday photos, videos and pretty much store my life on there! but reading reviews, it seems that they're not all that reliable and I could lose it all with a knock. I suppose nothing can beat a physical hard copy of a diary or photo album.  But with my intentions im gna need an infinite supply! so this is it, by final means of life storage... a blog. 

The idea is growing on me actually, though there probably isn't anyone in the world reading it right now, i can see it helping me keep track of things.  Storage is my main reason, but theres so many bonuses... the idea of friends and family being able to see what i am upto whilst im away is pretty sweet.  Not really something you could do with a physical diary.  Unfortunately, at the moment there are no trips planned for any time soon.  I am currently studying a PGCE and time is just not available to spend abroad.  Though, annoyingly I am suppose to be in Lanzerote learning to SCUBA dive right now, however I said no to a free holiday as I felt I shouldnt miss the 4 days of uni that would have done.  2nd day at uni now and already regreting my decision, its looking like the rest of the week is going to be cancled due to severe weather warnings... whilst its about mid 20s on the beach of Lanzerote.  Well u can't make the correct decision everytime!

Having said that there is no time to go away, I have some how managed to find the time to start up a blog, procastination at its best is what that is.  whilst i am in this dry patch of no travelling, I will hopefully find time to start backlogging my trips and experiences until I am upto date with beautiful photos and all sorts!  im kinda depending on this blog being around for the rest of my life so I could be 80 years old and see where i went when I was 20.  and I can still be adding things to my lists.  Reality tells me that something is going to take over at some point, and probably not in the far future.  Well heres hoping it doesn't...  :o)

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