Saturday 22 January 2011

on the horizon...

My house mate is from Bangalore and is very keen to show us around south India when he goes back.  This has been in the talking for some time but has today been finalised and tickets will be booked soon to fly out for easter break.  I absolutely love travelling with people that know the area and have been hoping to see Kerala for some time now.  It has all worked out lovely!  Further still my brother is getting married in the middle of the summer... which does ruin any summer plans but he is having his stag do in Gran Canaria!  So its South India for Easter and then Gran Canaria for Summer half term.  I know... i'm a lucky shit.  :o)


  1. Hey Berny,

    I am from Kerala. If you go to Cochin, don't forget to go Mattancherry, and ask for Kaikas Biriyani. Dont go to their newly opened restaurant in Ernakulam, the one in Mattancherry is still the best. If you take the ferry from Ernakulam, just ask and auto driver at the jetty to take you to Kaikas. For lunch, go around 11 Am. There is a long wait, but there is a waiting room where you can read a book, or the papers.

  2. Ah brilliant! Thank you very much, i will try and do this and let you know how it goes! Looking forward to it :o)