Tuesday 8 February 2011

Warwick in Africa video!

This is an achievement and a half.  I couldn't tell you how happy it makes me feel that i am actually on this video (4.50)!  Brings back so many beautiful memories of Ghana and i really hope i return at somepoint to follow this through some more.   :o)


  1. Hi Berny,

    I just found your post on LP Thorntree. It is hard getting followers and I don't really think it's something you can force.

    You have to just always remember that you write your blog for you, first and foremost. If you write about the things you love and that passion comes across in your writing then people will find you eventually.

    I've been blogging for a couple of years now - my first blog has never had many followers but then I've never really put much effort into it. My new blog I only started in January and I've been getting one new follower a week which is much better going.

    Some people have thousands of followers but they talk absolute rubbish and often write really badly - I don't know how they attract so much interest. if you find the secret, please let me know!

    Do you check your stats? You might have viewers who just don't follow. Checking your stats will give you a good idea where people are being referred to your site from (i.e. google, technorati etc)

    I think you just need to write regularly and only write about what you know or what you're interested in.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Hi Berny,

    I would say that the content is pretty interesting and i like the idea of categorizing your travels as consumptions and wish lists,

    if you wanted you could improve the design, for example having more space to write in the column of the middle, justifying your text, bigger pictures etc...

    If you want a bit of help you can write me, altough i am no pro :)

    Please check out my blog too and tell me what you think!


  3. Thanks a lot Baya i had no idea any of that was possible. After a couple of hours messing around i have made some adjustments and hope it is now easier on the eye? I may have gone a bit over the top though! Anyways sound advice, thanks again.

    Berny. :o)

    ps - comes up with "profile unavailable" when i click on your name. So haven't been able to see your blog.

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