Sunday 19 June 2011

My Camera

(Picture not taken with my camera)
I wouldn't really call myself a keen photographer but having a well suited camera is important!  Damn i love my camera.  Yer ok so nothing beats the quality of an SLR and at times i do look on in envy when the guy next to me pulls one out.  Just when an elephant is causing a stand still on the roads in India or a whale thrusts its whole body out of the Atlantic Ocean, part of me, just part of me wishes that they drop it.  Now had anyone wish this upon me, it wouldn't be such an issue as my camera is shock proof and water proof!  It is the Panasonic Lumix FT2 which boasts 14.1 megapixels, a 4.6 times optical zoom, a 2.7 inch LCD, HD recording, 10m water proof, 2m shock proof and freeze proof.  In the end however, it was purely the latter three that sold it to me with the rest going well over my head.  I did have the Olympus Tough but we departed eachother in a taxi in Ghana...  These cameras aren't completely Berny proof afterall.

Sunset mode (Kovalam)
Extreme Detail (Madurai Temple)
Underwater shot
Using the Zoom
 Its simply great not having to worry about it.  It starting to rain doesn't put me in a panic of where to put my camera.  Bathing by the pool, don't fancy leaving my valuable camera by the sun loungers whilst i go for a dip.  Oh wait i can take it with me.  Going to the beach but everyone knows that sand is the common cameras nemises.  Good job mines not the common camera!  I couldn't recommend it enough.  Some of the best photos are at the times you really don't want to risk taking your camera out.  Just shove it in among your luggage paired with a small Gorilla Pod and you will be prepared for 95% of all photo opportunities.  Happy snapping!  :o)

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