Monday 27 June 2016

Relaxing 2 weeks in the Philippines

With over 7000 islands it can be quite daunting deciding which ones to visit.  Getting between islands is a bit of a pain with the best way being to fly to Manila and then to the next island every time.  Internal flights in the Philippines are shockingly poor so leave plenty of time between connections.  We had two situations with bags not arriving over the two weeks and dealt with a number of delayed flights.  Flights aside we planned an almost perfect trip (read in full here) and this is what we did:

Day 1: Coron town (South Coron)

Stay somewhere in or around Darayonan Lodge.  It is in the mildy busy area.

Day 2: Full day boat trip

Organise with a tour company to do the full day trip where you visit various sites around Coron.  Kayangan Lake is the must see.

Day 3+4: Island Resort

Balinsasayaw is stunning.  Quiet, amazing food, great snorkeling.

Day 5+6: Cashew Grove (North Coron)

You can't leave Coron without visiting this place.  Situated in the area with the Manatees.  Also near the airport making departure easy.

Day 7-9: Donsol

Allow for two full days.  Whale sharks, fire flies, seafood.  Woodland Beach Resort was perfect for us; Cheap and basic.  Some cool Scuba Diving here too!

Day 10 - 13: Boracay?

If you like partying, clubs and night life Boracay would be a great end.  It isn't really my cup of tea and kind of tainted my super chilled holiday.  There is certainly enough time to fit one more place in here be it Boracay or not.  I wouldn't recommend Manila. 

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